Pecks In The City

Sam Ashford is Brooklyn born and bred, but despite his city pedigree, this art student is drawn to all things not cosmopolitan. He likes to build his own furniture, trade goods in lieu of spending money, and dumpster dive for food. He was satisfying his love of all things sustainable when he bought his four new chickens on and built them a coop in his backyard. Since then his life has been a whirlwind of omelets, rat robbers, and mutant eggs.

Sam says that his Park Slope backyard is no worse than a farm when it comes to raising his hens. Here, Sam defends his choice to raise chickens in an urban setting, and then introduces the crew.

. [audio:|titles=Introcution to Urban Chickens]

The eggs are always delicious, but sometimes they’re also somewhat frightening. …And sometimes they’re currency. . [audio:|titles=All About The Eggs]. . ..

All you need to do is listen to hear how the sounds of the city creep into Sam’s bucolic backyard. (Listen for a motorcycle revving up and a garbage truck beeping as it moves in reverse.) . [audio:|titles=The Sound of Chickens in the City]

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